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Hello. I'm Alex and I'm from Canada. I stan poops *SHINee and EXO so yeah i'm dumb pls talk to me
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Artist: Epik High ft. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Mino, B.I., Bobby
Song: Born Hater
Album: Shoe Box
Anonymous whispered: WHO IS YOUR BIAS


wu yifine. the ultimate one, the bae, the man of my dreams, the yaoi hands i want all over me 25/8 no joke, the nerd that got me droppin the shapes and crankin the bass bc he know how to play. official sponsor of samsung galaxy and the nasa. plushie (not pussy) lover. if he was a manga character he’d be like sasuke bc he want revolution and everyone think he is a traitor lmao. the dude that reads motivational books. the gummy smile. droppin phones here and there just bc he can. not my style but totally my style. mysterious namja. i bet he drools in his beauty sleep. eats well. ugh actually um u guys. voice so low it reaches my self esteem. tall dude callin himself koala when all he’d be is a tree. id koala the shit out of him. kris wu. li jiaheng. kevin li. ace ventura. galaxy hyung. benben. wu yifan. flatass. perfect man. chicken is noy my style. actually we had four chinese members *drops mic*